A Quick Checklist Before Buying Commercial Insurance

Being a business owner is a truly demanding job that can get complicated quickly. Thankfully, it can also be one of the most rewarding things a person can do with their time. If you’re wondering how to approach your commercial insurance needs, you should keep the following checklist in mind from Luebbering Insurance Agency, LLC before you decide on a policy. 


Typically, this is the number one thing an owner has to worry about. Not all businesses have customers they’re responsible for (e.g., wholesalers, online sellers, etc.), but almost all businesses have at least one employee they need to have workers compensation for. 


If you’re a business owner that works with any physical goods, then you need to safeguard yourself. Commercial insurance needs to protect your inventory if it’s taken by a thief or destroyed in an accident or natural disaster. 


The physical property you operate out of should be covered by your commercial insurance, and this should include more than just the building. Plants, upgraded appliances, or fancy tiles in the hallway, you’ll need a policy that extends past the foundation of the building in Jefferson City, MO. 


Sometimes customers slip, fall, and sue, and most business owners don’t have the means to face litigation on their own. 

These are just some of the most common things you’ll need to cover as a business owner, and there are plenty other factors to consider depending on the exact nature of your business. Some industries are simply riskier than others. Luebbering Insurance Agency, LLC helps the people of Jefferson City, MO understand what they need to do to keep their livelihoods from crashing down around them. Call today to find out more!