What is motorcycle insurance?

No, motorcycle insurance is not the same as a standard auto indemnity policy. Yes, you need the special coverage if you own a two-wheel vehicle that has a motor that can exceed speeds of 60 MPH. Your motorcycle is much lighter than a car and, unfortunately, more susceptible to theft. Here are the fast facts about cycle assurance Jefferson City, MO. The staff at Luebbering Insurance Agency LLC can help you sort through the intricate details of your next policy.

What is motorcycle insurance?

Motorcycle insurance, much like auto assurance, is a policy that provides financial backing in the instance of an accident on the road or theft. The limits of your plan are largely dependent on how much you are willing to pay in monthly premiums and state regulations regarding motor vehicles and insurance.

What does motorcycle insurance cover?

Your motorcycle assurance plan can cover as much or little as you like so long as the policy meets the minimum requirements of auto insurance limits in Jefferson City, MO. Most drivers prefer a policy that pays for a maximum of $30,000 per incident and person. You may consider a higher spending limit of you own a home or other amenities that may be at risk in the instance of a lawsuit.

Your average full coverage motorcycle indemnity plan pays for the loss of your bike if it is beyond repair as well as medical bills if you or the innocent party are hospitalized. Some insurance plans even pay for accessories damaged or stolen in an incident, which include helmets and custom exhaust equipment.

Which option is the right choice?

It is best to speak with an agent at Luebbering Insurance Agency LLC when determining the motorcycle insurance plan that best fits your lifestyle. Contact them today for a quote!