What to do when your brakes fail and how to prevent it

Brake failure while on the road is about the scariest thing that can happen to any motorist. The Luebbering Insurance Agency LLC, serving Jefferson City, MO, would like to let you know how to deal with such an event so that you might come out safely and with your vehicle intact.

The best way to deal with brake failure is to prevent it from happening. You should follow the scheduled maintenance, which will include brake inspection, as set out in your owner’s manual. If your mechanic suggests fixing your brakes, follow the suggestion at once. An ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure is especially relevant where brake trouble is concerned.

If your brake light starts to flash while you are driving, move over to the side of the road immediately. Do not try to drive the car any further. Call a tow truck, and have your vehicle taken to an auto repair shop to get the brakes fixed.

If your brakes fail, then immediately apply the emergency brake. If you are able to, downshift slowly to reduce the speed of your vehicle. Pull over to the side of the road, and then call a tow truck to take you and your vehicle to a repair shop.

If you do suffer a crash because of brake failure, follow the procedure for auto accidents, including exchanging information with other parties, reporting to law enforcement, and contacting your insurance provider. Damage to your vehicle and any injuries will be evaluated and taken care of.

If you have further questions about auto safety and insurance, feel free to contact the Luebbering Insurance Agency LLC, serving Jefferson City, MO.