Who is Responsible for Pipes in a Condo?

Condo insurance can help to protect you against unexpected events, such as a pipe bursting in your condo. However, one of the questions that we at Luebbering Insurance Agency LLC, serving the Jefferson City, MO, area, are frequently asked is who exactly is responsible for pipes in a condo. Ultimately, it comes down to where the pipe is located and where the damage in the pipe is. 

Interior Pipes

Pipes that are located in your condo, such as the pipes under your sinks or connected to your clothes washing machine, are your responsibility. These types of pipes are considered interior pipes. 

Common Pipes

Pipes that are utilized by multiple condo buildings such as sewer lines or water lines in the walls between two condos are considered common pipes. Common pipes are the responsibility of the condo building owner or the condo association. The only time a condo owner can be held responsible for common pipes is if they did something that damaged the pipe, such as a child flushing a toy down the toilet and causing a clog to the main sewer line. 

The location of the pipes in a condo determine who exactly is responsible for them. In some cases, you as a condo owner may be responsible for the pipes, and in other cases, the condo association may be responsible for the pipes. Having condo insurance can help to protect you against certain unexpected events with your pipes. If you are looking to learn more about condo insurance and what it covers or are looking to purchase a condo insurance policy in Jefferson City, MO, give Luebbering Insurance Agency LLC a call today.