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Umbrella Insurance in Missouri

One of the unfortunate truths of modern life is that having a nice house and car, substantial savings, and a lot of assets makes you a target for personal injury lawyers. If you have accumulated wealth after a lifetime of hard work, a single accident could wipe it out entirely unless you have taken the precaution to protect your assets with a personal umbrella insurance policy. A man hurt in an auto accident and unable to work or the parents of one of your children‘s friends who drowns in the family pool can and likely will seek satisfaction in the Missouri courts.

Every state requires you to carry auto insurance, and most mortgage companies require home insurance. But often the maximum payouts for such policies are inadequate to cover a judgment that results from an accident that maims or kills someone. That means that a court can go after your savings and your physical assets to cover the rest. You may even be forced to pay a percentage of your wages for years if a court case goes against you.

An umbrella insurance policy acts as a supplement for your home and auto policy to add an extra amount of coverage to guard against catastrophe.

You may even win a court case, only to have your savings eaten up by lawyer‘s fees and other expenses. An umbrella insurance policy can help cover these costs as well.

To get more information about umbrella insurance policies and what level of coverage is right for you, contact Luebbering Insurance.

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