Protecting Your Collectibles from Floods

Whether it’s first editions of great literature or a baseball card collection, these things carry personal meaning and financial value as well. It takes effort and patience to build an excellent collection, so protect yours with flood insurance. In the unfortunate event that there is a flood in the Columbia or Jefferson City, MO area, your loss will not be absolute. Instead, you will have a fresh opportunity to build your collection again. Flood insurance can’t stop a flood, but it can provide opportunity. Let our agents at Luebbering Insurance Agency, LLC help you protect your collection today. Here are things you can do to get started:

Making an Inventory

Make an accurate inventory of your collection. A video record works well, and you also need to create a log of serial numbers, details of individual items, etc. This takes time and some attention to detail. However, it will save you plenty of headaches in the long run. Once your possessions are inventoried, save at least two copies somewhere that is not directly on the premises of your home. You can use a safe deposit box or store your information as data using Cloud technology.

We can not only discuss what coverage options you have, but we may find a package that serves your insurance needs in cost-effective ways. We can also ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over your collection because collections are cool. Here at Luebbering Insurance Agency, LLC, we love meeting people who have a real passion for life. We’re proud to serve the Jefferson City, MO area and we want our customers to have the insurance that will protect their investments. With flooding occurring in more places than ever, it’s time to review your insurance and consider what kind of protection you might need. Contact us today.