What Is Covered With A Commercial Insurance Policy?

When a Jefferson City, MO resident takes the time to speak with agencies like Luebbering Insurance Agency LLC, one of the primary questions that they will have centers around a commercial insurance policy. What do these policies cover? How much protection can a client truly receive?

Benefits To Small Businesses 

Small businesses in Jefferson City, MO benefit the most from these policies. When small business owners meet with Luebbering Insurance Agency LLC representatives, they can learn more about the protection that they will receive from various pitfalls that often take place. For example, the protection of assets is key.

With a commercial insurance policy, the business and the owner’s personal assets are both protected from ruin. Settlements and legal claims that could drain a business’ coffers are avoided entirely. Any small business that plans to succeed in Missouri must be aware of these policies.

What Other Losses Are Prevented?

A Missouri business also receives protection from financial losses that stem from bodily injury claims, personal injury claims, property damage, injuries caused by advertisement and the costs of defending themselves in a legal setting. It is important to note that these policies do not offer any sort of protection against damages caused by willful misconduct or employer negligence. 

How Much Commercial Insurance Should a Business Carry?

Every business will have to make their own decisions in this regard but the majority of small businesses require between $500,000 and $1 million in coverage. High-risk businesses that are involved in costlier interactions and dealing with more customers on a daily basis may want to increase their coverage, though.

The costs are based on the goods and services that are being provided, as well as the number of people that are employed. The claims history and the amount of time that the business has been established also factor into the equation.